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Our Mission

The mission of FHC is to offer help and support to homeless individuals, as well as to create awareness and motivate local communities and families to volunteer in different ways to help the homeless gain back their dignity and their place in society.

Hermanos de la Calle is a Christian faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting, supporting and rehabilitating those experiencing homelessness in Miami-Dade County. The foundation works with individuals to reintegrate them as contributing and dignified members of society. We do this by providing safe housing, mental and emotional support, access to healthcare, legal services, employment opportunities, and reconnection to family and faith. 

Our Mission

Recovery Residences

Our Recovery Residences are homes which have been certified under the FARR to operate as recovery facilities for those recovering from substance addiction and abuse. What makes these homes so unique is the safety they provide their residents to ensure the successful of their recovery. This entails a strong support system that closely monitors the individuals and their progress to help them maintain their sobriety and improve their health. Click here to learn more about the FARR.

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What we are doing now

Behind the Scenes

In December of 2015, a group of friends from Key Biscayne came together to help the homeless population in Miami, Florida. What started out as delivering warm meals to create a connection, turned into a mission to help the homeless reconnect with society. As they started identifying needs beyond food and nourishment, the volunteers began seeking out resources to assist these individuals with detoxing and rehabilitation, reuniting with family, housing, and immigration and legal help. Over time, the demand within the community increased and the interest in volunteering rapidly grew. All of this led to the establishment of Fundación Hermanos de la Calle Inc. in 2017. Learn more about Our Team by clicking below!

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