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    • Lazaro, 57

      After living on the street for over five years, Outreach located him in October of 2018. Lazaro decided it was time to change his life for the better. Relocation found him space in a Rehabilitation Center, where he spent two months regaining his strength. In December of 2018, Fast Housing found him a roof to call his home. He is an active participant of Workshops, producing valuable artifacts that are sold in Fund Raisers. Case Management accompanies him through his daily fight with diabetes. Thanks to God, his diabetes is now under control. Después de vivir en la calle durante más de cinco años, Encuentro localizó a Lázaro En octubre de 2018. Lázaro decidió que era hora de cambiar su vida para lo mejor. La reubicación lo encontró en un centro de rehabilitación, donde pasó dos meses recuperando su fuerza. En diciembre de 2018, Vivienda le encontró un techo para llamarlo su hogar. Hoy es un participante activo de Talleres, produciendo artefactos valiosos que se venden en Fundraisers. Asistencia Social lo acompaña en su lucha diaria con diabetes. Gracias a Dios, su diabetes ahora está bajo control.

    • Fabio, 45

      Prior to living on the street, Fabio had been living in Coconut Grove, working as a DJ. The life was fast paced and introduced him to drugs. He was one of the first brothers to be found by Outreach in 2016. Fast Housing found him a place in a rehabilitation facility in West Palm Beach; however, his sobriety did not last longer than 6 months. Outreach found him again a few months later, and placed him in a home among other brothers. While Fabio found his passion for cooking, he is currently working in construction as the pandemic has forced many chefs out of their positions. Antes de vivir en la calle, Fabio vivió en Coconut Grove, trabajando como DJ. La vida era rápida y ahí fue cuando se le introdujeron las drogas. Fue uno de los primeros hermanos encontrados por Encuentro en 2016. Vivienda le encontró un lugar en un centro de rehabilitación en West Palm Beach; desafortunadamente, su sobriedad no duró más de 6 meses. Encuentro lo encontró nuevamente unos meses después, y lo colocó en una casa entre otros hermanos. Aunque Fabio encontró su pasión en la cocina, actualmente está trabajando en la construcción, ya que la pandemia ha obligado a muchos chefs a abandonar sus puestos.

    • Juan Carlos, 62 †

      Six years on the streets while battling with a crippling cancer that left him disfigured. Through it all, his spirit remained intact. Fast Housing found him a safe home in March 2018. Though Peer Brother, our community created awareness of his situation, creating a large web of support. Once his health stabilized, he purchased a truck and began selling fruit at residences. He wished to be baptized and started attending Holy Mass. As of May 2019, Juan Carlos is with our Lord. Juan Carlos pasó seis años en las calles mientras luchaba con un cáncer paralizante que lo dejó desfigurado. A pesar de todo, su espíritu permaneció intacto. le encontró un hogar seguro en marzo de 2018. Por el programa Padrino, nuestra comunidad creó conciencia de su situación, creando una gran red de apoyo. Una vez que su salud se estabilizó, compró un camión y comenzó a vender fruta en las residencias. Deseaba bautizarse y comenzó a asistir a la Santa Misa. A partir de mayo de 2019, Juan Carlos está con nuestro Señor.

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    • Hermanos de la Calle

      Team Our Team Meet the Meet the faces behind our non-profit organization. Board of Directors Narciso Muñoz Reynaldo Figueredo Santiago Bergonzi Malena Legarre Luis Eduardo Gutierrez Humberto Ramírez Gigi Laspiur Alejandro Rodríguez Dino Vitti Team Members Idania Valentín Ana Castellan Margarita Battistini ​ Emilse Grisales

    • Hermanos de la Calle

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    • Hermanos de la Calle

      Outreach is the basis of the foundation, a process which begins with going into the streets to share a warm meal and hopefully connect with an individual . The goal of this is to make the individuals understand that we them, and we want to help them regain control of their life. Along with making a connection, outreach helps individuals access rehabilitation, detox and hospital care. see Relocation works to with their cities of origin or family members. This is important, as many families lose contact with those who fall victim to homelessness. Relocation reaches out to family of the "brother", in hopes of reconnect individuals reuniting them with loved ones who will continue to support them throughout their journey. provides more than just a safe space to call home. As the "brothers" begin to earn income, they are asked to pay rent in the homes they have been placed in. This affords them the opportunity to economically , encouraging them to continue working and exploring their skills. Moreover, they have the chance to who supports them as they rejoin society. Fast Housing sustain themselves become part of a family Workshops offer the individuals the opportunity to participate in . This ranges from making developmental activities jewelry , which can then be sold, to exercise classes, such as yoga. Employment is essential, as the goal of our foundation is to rehabilitate individuals back into society. While jobs offer security for these individuals, it also provides a sense of purpose and esteem . Our "brothers" are encouraged discover their talents and passions in order to secure a life for themselves. Legal Services are provided to our "brothers" to help guide them through the free legal resources provided by the city. Moreover, we accompany them to appointments with lawyers and immigration officials. The goal is to assist them in getting any documentation they might require to begin working and rebuilding their lives. Case Managers are provided to those in our homes to ensure the success of each "brother". This can mean monitoring those with previous substance abuse issues to ensure they maintain sobriety, helping the individuals with employment searches, scheduling medical appointments, and much more. Peer Brothers are a crucial component to what we do. When these individuals choose to change their lives for the better, there can be a lot of mental road blocks that make it difficult to stay hopeful. Peer brothers are there to offer emotional and spiritual guidance , as well as support on this journey.

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