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Outreach is the basis of the foundation, a process which begins with going into the streets to share a warm meal and hopefully connect with an individual. The goal of this is to make the individuals understand that we see them, and we want to help them regain control of their life. Along with making a connection, outreach helps individuals access rehabilitation, detox and hospital care.

Relocation works to reconnect individuals with their cities of origin or family members. This is important, as many families lose contact with those who fall victim to homelessness. Relocation reaches out to family of the "brother", in hopes of reuniting them with loved ones who will continue to support them throughout their journey.

Fast Housing provides more than just a safe space to call home. As the "brothers" begin to earn income, they are asked to pay rent in the homes they have been placed in. This affords them the opportunity to economically sustain themselves, encouraging them to continue working and exploring their skills. Moreover, they have the chance to become part of a family who supports them as they rejoin society.

Workshops offer the individuals the opportunity to participate in developmental activities. This ranges from making jewelry, which can then be sold, to exercise classes, such as yoga.


Employment is essential, as the goal of our foundation is to rehabilitate individuals back into society. While jobs offer security for these individuals, it also provides a sense of purpose and esteem. Our "brothers" are encouraged discover their talents and passions in order to secure a life for themselves.

Legal Services are provided to our "brothers" to help guide them through the free legal resources provided by the city. Moreover, we accompany them to appointments with lawyers and immigration officials. The goal is to assist them in getting any documentation they might require to begin working and rebuilding their lives.

Case Managers are provided to those in our homes to ensure the success of each "brother". This can mean monitoring those with previous substance abuse issues to ensure they maintain sobriety, helping the individuals with employment searches, scheduling medical appointments, and much more.

Peer Brothers are a crucial component to what we do. When these individuals choose to change their lives for the better, there can be a lot of mental road blocks that make it difficult to stay hopeful. Peer brothers are there to offer emotional and spiritual guidance, as well as support on this journey. 

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